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Physical Presence

In Physical Presence, we will be covering a broad range of topics that will ultimately provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for you to obtain physical space for your business. This track is broken down into four modules.

Welcome to the Physical Presence Learning Track!

Module 1 – Entrepreneurial Mindset:

In the first module we’ll begin with some lessons that I have learned over the past 19+ years in practice. They will help to keep you both grounded and moving forward in the right direction. Next, we will talk about your personal finances, creating a budget, and getting your financial house in order. Finally, we will cover a big topic, how to fund your business.

Module 2 – Equipment & Location:

In the second module we will discuss your options when it comes to different types of practices and locations. We will begin with some general rules of thumb for choosing a practice location. Next, we will be getting into different types of practice spaces and startup costs. Finally, we will discuss equipment. Along the way, you will learn how to put together a budget for your business.

Module 3 – Legal Framework:

In the third module we will discuss different entity types, how to go about choosing which is right for you, and the paperwork required for each. We will also discuss the different paperwork requirements for establishing yourself as a business. Some will be the same regardless of where you are located, and some will be unique to your location.

Module 4 – Peripherals:

In the fourth and final module we will discuss the design and creation of peripheral items from signage to business cards. We will discuss different types of local advertising. Finally, we will touch on mailers and letterhead, making sure you keep consistent with your brand.

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