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Online Presence

In Online Presence, we will be covering a broad range of topics that will ultimately provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary for you to brand your business, create your website, and market your business online. This track is broken down into four modules.

Welcome to the Online Presence Learning Track!

Module 1 – Branding:

In the first module, Branding, we will explore who you want to be in practice and how to translate that into a brand. This will help to determine the name of your business, your URL and ultimately the look of your overall brand.

Module 2 – Market Analysis:

In the second module, you will be conducting a market analysis. You need to be aware of who is the strongest competition in your area so that you can learn from what they are doing right and ultimately overtake them online. Part of doing this involves having impeccable search engine optimization (SEO). We will round out the module by discussing how to craft your SEO and target your customers with the appropriate keywords.

Module 3 – Site Construction:

In this third module we will be building your website. It is as big a task as it sounds, but with a little bit of patience and a lot of effort you will be able to put together a stellar website to showcase your services to the world. It will pay dividends for years to come and become a self-driving marketing machine for your business.

Module 4 – Marketing:

In the fourth and final module we will discuss how to use paid online marketing in the near term to get your site in front of the right people so that your schedule starts to fill up. We will do this by setting up a number of online google services, constructing an ad campaign, and finishing off your sites SEO.

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