About Dr. Smith

Dr. Smith founded Practice Startup Academy as part of PSA to help teach other Alternative Healthcare Providers how to succeed in practice. Unfortunately success is not something that you learn in school, it is something that you figure out in the trenches or learn from a mentor.  But once you learn how to be successful, it follows you wherever you go.

My path to success was not a straight line. It took many sharp turns before I arrived. Not having anyone to “show me the ropes,” I had to figure it out for myself.

Having practiced as an associate, a mobile practitioner, and ultimately in a stand-alone space, I have literally seen and done it all. Let my mistakes, experience, and ultimate success be a guide for you. I have condensed it all down into an easy to follow course.

My Experience

I have a wide range of experience that guides my decision making process in business.

In practice my skill set extends far beyond Chiropractic. I incorporate Massage, Dry Needling, Cupping, and many other modalities into my treatments. I am literally a one stop shop for physical medicine.

I have launched successful practices in a number of starkly different environments including suburban Atlanta, urban San Francisco, and now rural New Mexico. I have also moved my offices a number of times making me intimately familiar with launching and relaunching a practice.

My interests extend far beyond practice. As a practical matter, I continued my education by earning a Masters in Public Health. You never know when you might hurt yourself and need to leave practice. My area of concentration was Biostatistics. I parlayed those computer programming skills into jobs in Business Analytics and Data Visualization.

Understanding how a user’s journey across your site translates into a conversion (AKA their becoming a client) is key to filling your schedule. This is especially true in the early days of your practice. Using this understanding to properly structure your site and not waste time or money on ineffective marketing can be the difference between failure and success.

Launched online platforms offering both web design services and an educational site helping physical medicine practitioners launch successful practices of their own.

Dr. Smith launched his 3rd successful practice in rural NM treating complex pain issues and incorporating an expanded array of modalities.

Dr. Smith launched his 2nd successful practice in San Francisco area with a focus on treating complex soft tissue injuries.

Worked creating dashboards for data visualization and tracking user journeys to display dynamic content.

Dr. Smith launched his 1st practice in suburban Atlanta area which thrived for 12 years. Named "Best Post-Workout Treatment" by Atlanta magazine in 2015.

"Let’s say you (unsuccessfully) tried to hurl yourself into a handstand in yoga, and now your body seems to be punishing you for it. Make a call stat to Dr. Morgan Smith (at Sports Chiropractic & Massage), who will do his best to get you in quickly—especially if you tell him you’re “in agony”; he’s got a soft spot for that. After a series of chiropractic adjustments followed by a knot-busting deep-tissue massage, your aches and pains will melt away. The best part: a zero-pressure attitude, with no push to sign up for a regular plan."