Practice Startup Academy

Learn How to Build Your Alternative Healthcare Practice

Dr. Smith created Practice Startup Academy to help teach other Alternative Healthcare Practitioners how to succeed. Unfortunately success in practice is not something that you learn in school, it is something you either learn in the trenches or from a mentor.  But once you learn how to be successful in practice, it follows you wherever you go.

Learning Tracks

We’ve broken down all of the necessary steps to successfully start a practice into 3 straightforward tracks:

  • Entrepreneurial Mindset: Learn valuable lessons from close to 20 years of practice experience. Begin by getting your head on straight and setting realistic expectations.
  • Equipment & Location: Consider the essentials when it comes to choosing a successful location and keeping your equipment costs down. Don’t overextend yourself.
  • Legal Framework: Stay on top of all the necessary legal filings to get your practice up and running and choose your entity type. Start out on solid footing.
  • Peripherals: Everything else from signage to business cards that you need to successfully launch your physical office space.
  • Branding: Learn how to identify your target audience and structure your brand to attract them? Find your niche in practice.
  • Market Analysis: Understand who your competition is and learn how to overcome them online. What are they doing that you can learn from?
  • Site Construction: Build a stellar website that will pay dividends for years to come. Own your local market with properly structured SEO.
  • Marketing: Get your site in front of the people who are seeking your services. Let’s get clients in the door to fill your schedule and pay your bills.
  • Online Infrastructure: Pick service providers to help you succeed online.
  • Business Communications: Get all of your essential communication systems in place from phone to email while taking HIPAA into consideration.
  • Bookkeeping: Get on top of tracking your income, expenses, and write-offs. Learn to budget both personal and business finances.
  • Client Management: Payment systems, scheduling systems, & EHRs. Automate your practice to slash human costs. Make scheduling easier on everyone involved.

You can see how all of the different pieces fit together in Practice Startup Academy’s ‘Blueprint for Success.’

Some components need to be completed before others can be started while others can and should take place simultaneously. This is all laid out in Practice Startup Academy’s ‘Timeline for Success.’ It will help to keep you on track.

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